Opening for Kate Taylor at the Regent!

BIG NEWS! I am thrilled to be supporting none other than Sister Kate Taylor this November at the beautiful Regent Theater in Arlington, MA! Kate Taylor’s “Sister Kate Revisited” tour resurrects the singer/songwriter’s debut album, released back in 1971. Sharing a velvet voice and penchant for folk music with her brothers James and Livingston, Sister Kate is back on the scene after a long hiatus, and is not to be missed

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Bernardo and I are honored to kick off the concert, on November 8th, with an acoustic opening set of my songs. Join us for a night of original music by two songstresses in one of the Boston area’s premier theaters! Click here for tickets and more info.

Photo by Sheila Roberts Orlando

Photo by Sheila Roberts Orlando

52 Ways to Screw an Artist, by Warner Bros. Records

Folk giant James Taylor takes on Warner Bros. Records – his label since 1969 – and discovers (quel surprise!) that he ain’t gettin what he’s due. And he hasn’t been

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. Taylor commissioned an audit of Warner Bros. that was in part aimed at securing higher royalties for the artist from digital sales. Come to find out, Warner has stiffed Taylor for over $1.5 million – and this total only dates back to 2004! Check out this laundry list of allegations: 52 Ways to Screw an Artist, by Warner Bros. Records

So ah… I guess it’s a good day to be an independent artist?

Buy music direct, when you can – good karma.