WE MADE IT! Studio: Next Week!

Welp, against many odds, WE MADE IT! Thanks to an amazing groundswell of support from over 200 friends, family members, and fans, we surpassed the funding goal for my new album! Holy hat! I am still stunned, 3 weeks later.

That said, this laudatory post is a bit behind the times ONLY because we have been working diligently on preparations for the studio. This means: rehearsals with the band (grande Berna, Donny e Leo!) and pre-production – working out arrangements, and testing out sounds and ideas. But don’t worry: though we’ve discussed it, the nose flute as of now will NOT be making a cameo. Laying out the groundwork beforehand frees us up once we’re in the studio to focus on the creative, the spontaneous. We start at the end of next week, and let me tell you: I can’t wait!

More updates to come – we head up to the studio next Thursday. So: THANKS AGAIN to all of you generous music lovers who emailed, shared, donated, and sent along words of encouragement throughout the Kickstarter campaign. This is a fantastic opportunity – not least of all because YOU had the heart to give it to me! – and I feel incredibly lucky. Rock on, everybody!

Love and profound gratitude from Italia ~

Dogtown to Tuscany: Kickstarter Profile in the Gloucester Daily Times

“An aspiring singer-songwriter from Rockport has gone from Dogtown to Tuscany in pursuit of her musical inspiration.”

Many thanks to Gail McCarthy and the Gloucester Daily Times for this article about the Kickstarter campaign for my NEW album, and the bi-continental musical life I have been so fortunate to lead. The article summarizes my five-year history with Florence, Italy and its vibrant music scene, and also highlights how my growing up on Cape Ann (Massachusetts) has continued to inspire me:

“The Dogtown woods have became a sort of metaphor for me: the history there is tangible; the landscape is unmistakable; but at the same time it is a dynamic, organic place that grows anew each spring, despite the permanence of its boulders.”

Click here to read the full article in the Gloucester Daily Times;

… and click here to learn about my Kickstarter campaign, watch the video, and donate – if the spirit moves you!

Amanda Palmer: Leading the Sea Change

Indie rock/social media goddess Amanda Palmer is making waves with her Grand Theft Orchestra tour. Palmer, former lead singer of the Dresden Dolls, is known for her creative approach to making and sharing music: she relies almost entirely upon her fans’ charity to survive (and she’s doing well: she recently raised $1.2 million dollars for her music on Kickstarter.com). The Grand Theft Orchestra tour has caused controversy because Palmer is soliciting the services of professional musicians across the nation to jam with her – but she is only offering “beer & hugs” as compensation.

While many musicians maintain that the level of exposure such a high-profile gig provides is well worth being paid in beer alone, others lament her embrace of the “economy of free.” Personally, I say more power to her. The industry is changing, and hard numbers like CD sales just don’t cut it anymore. Palmer is focusing on experience over product – happenings and communities over CDs and t-shirts – and insodoing, she is leading the sea change in how we create, consume, and share music.