Now Teaching @ Marblehead/Salem School of Music!







Marina is excited to be joining the team at the Marblehead/Salem School of Music this winter! She will be giving lessons in voice, guitar, songwriting, and ukulele

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. Study with Marina while she’s home — she will only be in the States until the early spring, so catch her while you can! Click here to learn more and sign up!

More about the Marblehead/Salem School of Music:

At the Marblehead and Salem Schools of Music, we strive to provide a total musical experience for each student. Drawing on the wide-ranging talents of our teaching staff, we are able to match student and teacher based on a variety of criteria, including personality, learning style, goals, and interests. As part of private lessons, all students are given the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and to showcase their skills; either live, at a formal or informal recital, or in the recording studio.

We make lessons fun and our studios funky, but everything is rooted in pure, wholesome academics. We track student’s weekly progress in a password protected database to make parent-teacher communication seamless. We take pride in the accomplishments of all of our students and view their growth both as individuals and as musicians as our success.

Music for the holidays!

It’s time to admit it: the holidays are upon us. Although the media may have us believe otherwise, a unique and thoughtful gift does not, in fact, have to be made in China and bought at a superstore. Can you believe it?!

Give the gift of music!

For the listener: It just so happens that CDs make great stocking stuffers — and I’ve got plenty in stock! From now until December 14, order a CD (or two, or three…) or a t-shirt through my website and get a 15% discount on your order (shipping & handling excluded)! It’s simple: just click here and scroll down to fill in the Contact form. In your message, please include:

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. Easy enough, no? And you don’t even have to leave the house!

Of course, if you *want* to leave the house, shop local! My CDs are also available at local Gloucester retailers Mystery Train and Gloucester Music.

Surprise friends and family with the unique gift of original music — I promise, they won’t be disappointed!

For the performer: give the gift of music lessons! I just started teaching folk guitar and voice lessons at the SoulCove Center for the Arts in Manchester, MA. I am so excited to join the team of talented faculty members! In addition to folk guitar and voice, we also offer lessons in flute, percussion, jazz/rock guitar, and violin. SoulCove has integrated wellness into their mission and curriculum, so students can also take master classes in Alexander Technique, yoga, and more.

To learn more about SoulCove and to meet the faculty, please join us at our opening gala on Friday, December 6th! We will have a meet-and-greet from 5-7:30pm, followed by a concert in our beautiful performance space at 8pm. Special 10% discount on the first semester of lessons for those who attend and sign up at the gala!