azoff goes rogue

As I’m sure you are all aware, The Rolling Stones did a whirlwind string of performances in and around New York and London in December. And yes, the massive stadiums were all sold out. But were any of you in the audience? No? Maybe that’s because the cheapest tickets — at least that I could find, and I tell you, I tried — were no less than $800. That ain’t rock and roll. That’s The Man stuffing his pockets.

But as the new year rolls in, it seems The Man might have to rethink his strategy: famous artist manager Irving Azoff (the man) has resigned as executive chairman of Live Nation Entertainment (The Man). Azoff found his efforts to lower ticket prices and eliminate service fees stymied at Live Nation, and so the manager of such famous acts as The Eagles and Christina Aguilera has gone rogue. What does this mean for artists and fans? Speculation abounds, but one sure thing is that independence is the word of the day. The music industry as we know it is crumbling in upon itself, and from the ruins a new power structure will emerge. What that will look like, I can’t tell you now — though it will probably involve Twitter and/or YouTube — but in the meantime, keep supporting independent artists! We love you, we need you, and you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to come hear us play. Ever.