New York

Eleven years ago, I woke up to as brilliant a fall morning as I did today. A sky that pure, that crystalline, could only arch over a perfect world. But the events of that fateful September morning have forever changed these New England fall mornings for me. They are no longer innocent. Today I awoke, I admired, and I remembered. I Love New York.

Sometimes things happen strangely. And this morning, in the same moments that I was dreaming of and grieving for the City (there IS only one), it reached out to me: an old friend, professor and mentor, Aaron Fox, was writing me an email from the upper west side. I saw it there, waiting in my inbox, and marveled at how little and eerie this world can be. Serendipity. Chance. Poetry. I don’t know.

Fortunately Aaron was sending good news, though it felt quite small in the shadows and the dust that this day stirs up: the Columbia University music department featured my very own alumna profile on their website. Covering the release of Dogtown and my ongoing work on The Tuscan Sessions, the article gives a quick snapshot of where I’m at, and what’s next. A big thank you to Aaron for putting this together, and for having such poetic timing.

And dear, old New York: I’ll be headed your way in a few short weeks. On Saturday, September 22 I’ll perform at The Ella Lounge at 10:30pm, accompanied by the one and only Jack Tomaiolo. We’re one of four acts on the bill, so it’s fixing to be a great night of music! $10 at the door; discounted tickets are available here.

Sending love and hope from the north – may this night be a peaceful one.