Reading, Writing and Rock

I am looking forward to returning to the stage at the Rockport High School this Friday night, where I haven’t performed since I was a chubby 12-year-old version of the Tin Man in our middle school production of “The Wizard of Oz.” (!!) Talk about a stroll down memory lane!

“A Night of Music” is a benefit concert organized by the Rockport PTO and local musician Allen Estes to raise money for the Education Foundation of Rockport and for the PTO. Held in Rockport High’s auditorium, the show will feature performances by Allen, myself, female a-cappella group Sorellanza, and many talented student performers.

I started singing at Rockport Middle School, and had my first choir rehearsal in the auditorium there. While I had always loved to sing, I had *no* idea what lay in store for me: a career as a singer/songwriter? Can you even DO that?

It’s for this reason that I was so excited to participate in this concert. I think back to my school-age self and wonder how things might have changed – or not – had I met another Rockport alum whose life and career centered on the arts. At age 12, it didn’t even enter my mind. I’m hoping, that for some of the students in the audience, or for some who performed, that my presence there is an inspiration to pursue their dreams. You CAN do it – you CAN make your life about art! Dream on, little creators! The world is wide!