the tuscan sessions 2012

Last year’s acoustic EP Not Gonna Wait was recorded in Florence, Italy. Late-night sessions in the home studio resulted in most of the vocals, while the guitars – played on a beautiful 1970s Martin D35 (a loaner… sigh) – were recorded in a studio. This year, I am back in Florence and at it again. 3 new originals and one cover (!) are on their way. And man, is it HOT in here.

Last week we recorded drums in nearby Antella, Italy at the studio of Francesco Ballerini. Not a bad scene: a stone house tucked into a hillside covered in vineyards, cypress, and roses. Francesco went all out, with some 22 mics on the drum kit (holy sheesh), and drummer Donald Renda was, as always, fantastic. With no rehearsals and a day or two to listen to scratch tracks, Donny rocked it. No small feat, considering he’s currently on tour with Italian diva Patty Pravo.

Now it’s my turn: guitars, and maybe some vocals, today in the home studio with Bernardo Baglioni. A quaint combination of no AC and plastic-encased scaffolding surrounding the building makes things especially… warm. (Yes, New England, we’re talking 90+ degrees here too.) Looks like we’ll be recording in a bathing suit today, folks. Here’s hoping I keep pace with Donny.

I’ll keep you all posted on our progress – I’m hoping to have the 4-track EP (The Tuscan Sessions, take 2) out later this summer. Meantime, stop by one of my shows and say hello! Just one more gig in Florence before I head back to the States. And no, it is certainly not a coincidence that I’ll be back in Gloucester for St. Peter’s Fiesta. VIVA!