The Tuscan Sessions are OUT!

I am thrilled to announce the release of The Tuscan Sessions this November, coinciding with the beginning of my tour across the U.S.! Written and recorded this past spring while touring in Italy, The Tuscan Sessions puts a distinctly European spin on folk Americana.

I was fortunate enough to work with Bernardo Baglioni, producer, guitarist, and ultimately one-man-band (he plays guitars, bass, dobro and banjo on the record!) on this project. Bringing together talented musicians from Florence and across Tuscany (grazie mille, Lele e Donny!), we put the record together piece by piece. As I had to make my way back to the States, we took an unorthodox approach to recording: I laid down my vocals and guitars first, and then we added the rest of the band piece by piece. Over the summer Berna and I emailed arrangements and mixes back and forth across the Atlantic, and wrapped up the final product when he made his way over to the States in the fall.

We finished the record, pressed it, and took it on the road – all in a matter of weeks! I am so proud of the result, and hope you dig it too. Berna and I will be making our way out to California through November – take a look at our tour schedule and find a date near you!