update from the desert

Hulloooo from out west!

The cross country tour is just about drawing to a close as we make our final journey across the southwestern desert. Since the last update, we’ve hit Nashville, Asheville, NC, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, Dallas, TX, and Socorro, NM. Whew!

In New Orleans, I was greatly inspired by the stride piano stylings of Richard Scott at Fritzel’s on Bourbon Street. Click here to have a listen – man, can he play!

So far, the longest stretch has been from west Texas to New Mexico. But not to fear: we brought a yukulele, and were therefore musically productive on the road. Click here to hear a little diddy from the west Texas brushlands.

We’ll hit Arizona and Nevada before our final gig at the fabulous Room 5 in Los Angeles on Friday, 11/16 at 7pm. Anybody in LA, or with friends out there: spread the word! Would love to see you!

Tumbleweeds and tabletop mesas are calling – more soon. Be well, and THANK YOU for your ongoing support!