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Marina is very excited to join the ranks of artists represented by and collaborating with Big Crush Records! A little bit about Big Crush:

Big Crush is boutique collaborative of like-minded music industry professionals with the goal of helping unique, talented artists move successfully to the next levels of their careers

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. We are managers, promoters, web designers, booking agents, musicians, videographers, engineers, and forward-thinking individuals with varied paths throughout the industry, with over 25 years of combined experience.

Click here to visit the Big Crush website, view the artist roster, and to get in touch!

Cape Ann Singer for Female Performer of the Year

marina sitting at flatrocks

From the Gloucester Daily Times (click for full article):

Marina Evans, a local singer-songwriter, has been nominated for Female Performer of the Year at the New England Music Awards for the second year in a row.

Her competition in the Female Performer of the Year category in 2015 is  Ashley Jordan, Jessie Chris, Sarah Barrios, Faith Ziegler and Anna Lombard.

In this competition, music fans play a significant role in the selection of the winners by voting online for their preferred performers, so Evans is hopeful that Cape Ann fans will cast their votes. Voting is open to the public until March 1; visit to vote for your favorite artists, and to learn more about the New England Music Awards.

“The New England Music Awards are presented every year to the musicians who call New England their home and whose dedication, spirit, and achievements over the last year have without a doubt established them as a contributing force to the most robust and diverse music scene in the country,” according to the website.

The nominating committee consists of a variety of music industry experts including journalists, radio personalities, talent buyers, event planners, record label executives and others.

Evans combines a background in jazz with traditional folk and indie rock. Over the past decade, she has cultivated her unique sound. Her career began on Cape Ann at the age of 16. Since then she has performed throughout the United States, in London, and in Italy, and she has written and recorded three original EPs and the full-length album “Unbound.”

Both her new album and her live performances have received high marks over the past year.

“She creates as much dramatic feeling as two gunslingers approaching each other with hands over holsters,” according to Bill Copeland Music News.

She also stepped up to help out in a community service sort of way last year. She performed at a Rockport PTO musical fund-raising event last spring, and in a benefit concert for the North Shore Health Project this past fall

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. In both instances, the crowd was eager to purchase her music after the show and learn more about her.


vinyl on the upswing

In honor of the resurrection of my turntable, I would like to start off by reporting that last year in the U.K., not only did digital sales rise 27% – sales of vinyl LPs rose an astonishing 44% (!) according to British Recorded Music Industry group BPI

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. And in the U.S.? Billboard’s 2012 Music Industry Report sums it up sweetly: “For the fifth consecutive year, more vinyl albums were purchased than any other year in the history of Nielsen SoundScan.”

Nielsen SoundScan only dates back to 1991 – so hold on to your hats. Vinyl may be on the upswing, but the 2012 sales record of 4.6 million units still pales in comparison to the all-time sales record of 344 million records set in 1977 (Sat-ur-day night fe-verrr).

Nonetheless, the rise in vinyl’s popularity bodes well for those of us concerned by the takeover of the mp3 and its crappy sound quality. Sure, many of today’s vinyl consumers are either baby boomers or hipsters feigning nostalgia for a musical world they never experienced. For them (read: NOT all!) it’s more about the object, the collectible, than the sound within. But if the trend sticks, it just might have a positive residual effect on music consumers’ standard for audio quality. If the flannel-cloaked Brooklynites listen to enough vinyl, they may turn their ironic sneers upon the mp3. And this may temporarily realign the cool with the genuinely good. Keep your fingers crossed – and keep buying records!