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Hello everyone – I am THRILLED to announce that I am headed off on tour across this great land. With Dogtown released and The Tuscan Sessions due out November 1 (!), it’s high time to hit the road. I’ll be on tour with fantastic guitarist (and Tuscan Sessions producer) Bernardo Baglioni. We’re booked as far as New Orleans, and we’re aiming to play our way to the Pacific. Below are the first few dates – see a full calendar here. Hope to see you along the way!

11/1: The Bitter End, New York’s oldest rock club! 147 Bleecker Street. We play at 11pm, and it’s $5 at the door.

11/2: Milkboy Coffee, Ardmore, PA

We open up tonight’s show at 8pm. Also featuring Marlow and Andrew Whitman. $10 at the door, or for $8 advance – click here.

11/5: Taps & Tapas, Nashville, TN

Tonight is one of Nashville’s famous ‘songwriters in the round’ sessions at Taps & Tapas. Berna and I are reaaaally looking forward to sharing the stage with some of Nashville’s best! 2117 Belcourt Avenue. Show starts at 7; we go on around 9.

Thanks to 3G and social media, I have a ridiculous number of ways to stay in touch with you from the road. I’ll narrow things down. To hear the latest, pick your poison:
My website
Or… contact me with a snail mail address and maaaaaaaybe you’ll get a postcard (no promises, but hey).

And thanks to YOU, I am on my way!

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